About Zerotel

Zerotel is one of the biggest renewable energy firms in Africa. We deal with residential, commercial and off-grid solar power systems and pool pumps. Our experienced team of in-house engineers and technicians works with clients on a daily basis to return value to your renewable energy investment. Our specialized turnkey solutions offer some of the premium European solar systems at affordable costs - fully installed.

Based in Johannesburg, Zerotel has key partnerships with R&D and manufacturing firms from Australia and Europe that enable us to deliver premium solar power systems to cater the needs of all markets.

Our Mission

We believe that green energy should be available irrespective of geo-political boundaries and economic footing. We strive to enable this universal access to renewable energy solutions in Africa via our customized turnkey solutions.

Through our partnerships with key manufacturers, and expert engineering and installation teams, our mission is to deliver cost-effective and supple solar power technologies that can scale from residential to large-scale consumers.

Why Choose Zerotel?

Expert In-house engineering team
Key Partnerships with manufacturers
24x7 Local Support based in Johannesburg
25 + year warranty on Solar Power Systems*
Highly customizable and scalable solutions
Installation by Certified Electricians