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About Plasma Hybrid

Plasma Hybrid is founded with a mission to design, develop, manufacture & market, high-quality, intelligent and efficient power conversion products at affordable prices for industrial and commercial applications serving new, emerging and niche markets.

Efficient & intelligent power conversion is achieved through a careful choice of reliable topology/control method along with next generation semiconductor devices, cooling, magnetic and interconnect technologies. Affordable price is achieved through circuit modularity, component reuse and adhering to lean manufacturing principles. The products are engineered to meet global safety and environment compliance standards with appropriate certifications as necessitated by the markets.


  • 1 kW / 2 kW / 3 kVA Off-Grid Solar Inverters with LCD and LED displays
  • 24 VDC battery versions for 1 kW and 48 VDC for 2 kW / 3kVA
  • Pure Sine wave with highest efficiency
  • Fully configurable (PV / Grid priority modes)
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based system
  • State of Art Technology with efficient MPPT algorithm
  • Fully protected against various faults
  • Optional RS-485/ GPRS / GSM
  • Battery & PV panel are galvanically isolated from O/P
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) in Grid mode
  • Plug & Play: tools-free wiring and hassle-free bypass

Plasma Hybrid Products


Plasma Hybrid

Off-Grid Solar Inverters 1kW/2kW/3kVA


Plasma Hybrid

Off-Grid Solar Inverters 3kW/5kW/10kW